Better E-Learning

Our activities aim to enrich teaching and learning in your educational institution or company.

For this purpose we offer learning technologies, software development, consulting and training on e-learning.

What does sudile?

We support you on all topics related to e-learning: learning management and conferencing systems – there: software development, hosting, consulting and training.

For whom?

Further education institutions, universities, corporations and companies.

And why?

Learning technologies can be a massive enrichment to teaching and learning when both technology, didactics and continuing education go hand in hand. We want to support you in taking full advantage of the possibilities.

Our services


You need new features for your learning management and conferencing system, such as BigBlueButton?

We develop professional software, plugins as well as designs.


How can you be sure that your learning management and conferencing systems are stable, performant and secure?

We set up the systems, including backups and updates. We connect systems such as BigBlueButton, LDAP, Shibboleth, Nextcloud, Etherpad, Collabora, Campus Management Systems, e.g. HisInOne, etc.. On your servers or ours.


Do you want to quickly build up competencies in your teams?

We offer outstanding training on learning and conferencing systems and on the methodological-didactic design of face-to-face and online seminars.


Complex learning management and conferencing systems require user support.

We help you to answer and solve all questions and problems in a professional and human way. Contact us if you need a ticket system.


You want to use secure code and check it against security vulnerabilities?

We perform security pentests and code audits for Moodle plugins and PHP projects. These include: SQL Injection, RCE Vectors, Secret Exposures, XSS/Stored-XSS Vectors, Privilege Escalation, Server Side Request Forgery, XML external entity attacks, Authentication Bypass etc.

If necessary, we fix these gaps.


The digitization of processes in an institution entails many changes.

With over 20 years of experience in the e-learning sector, we offer you the support to plan and implement large projects.

Who is sudile?

Sudile GbR is a company based in Potsdam since 2004, whose field of action is in the e-learning sector.

Christian Niemczik
Managing Director

Peter Koppatz
Managing Director

Where to reach us

sudile GbR
Jägerstraße 36
14467 Potsdam
Deutschland / Germany

Fon: +49 331 2002 97 17
Fax: +49 331 2002 97 08