Examples: Development

Design: Platform for teaching materials

19 schools in Saxony use teaching materials for personal development for students as part of an offer from the state. We developed the platform for this purpose.

Design: BUW Moodle Theme

Design: booc Moodle Theme

Design customizations for a Moodle installation

Development of an alternative course overview in the form of a dynamic bubble


Development: Scanning service

Teachers can send scan requests to the library. To do this, they can search in OPAC directly from Moodle. The data is read into Moodle via an interface. After the work is scanned, instructors can use it in their courses. Citation formats can be set.

Enrollment of external users

Teachers can invite external users directly into their courses. This is necessary, for example, in courses at universities where teachers want to allow other people (bridge courses, external experts, project partners) in their courses in addition to their staff and students.

Student working groups

To give students the possibility to create their own working groups to which they can invite other students, we have developed a plugin „Student Working Groups“.

Tab-based course format

Course content in Moodle is usually presented as a section underneath each other
(=theme format).

BigBlueButton: External participation

Allows non-university users to participate in meetings without a learning platform account.

BigBlueButton: Create MP4 video file

Using a render server developed by us, recordings in BBB meetings can be downloaded as MP4 video files. The rights of the roles can be adjusted (for example, only trainers can download videos).

BigBlueButton: Create MP4 video file

Download a video file of a BBB meeting.

Variant: Tab-based course format

This course format also allows sections to be clearly presented.

moodle tabs


Instructors can create digital termbooks or have them physically deposited in the library. Digital semester collections can be expanded by the library through scans.

Each work can be searched online in the library’s OPAC. The details of the works are automatically transferred.

Library staff can see all the semester collections in the overview and manage them.

Create courses automatically

Events that exist in campus management systems can be automatically synchronized via our system. This concerns the courses to be created as well as the participants in their roles.

Course templates

When creating courses, different templates can also be used to pre-fill courses.